Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Ben Saves the World from Collapse

While speaking to a group of economists and policy makers on Friday, Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Ben Bernanke proudly announced that the aggressive monetary policies implemented by the Fed and the Treasury department “saved the world” from a financial meltdown. (Joe Superman) While markets have indeed responded positively since early March ‘09, it’s not clear whether the rally has been based simply on Fed intervention or on strengthening fundamentals. While some economic indicators have shown signs of bottoming, we have yet to see real sustained growth. (Joe Rogaine) Super Benny has, however, managed several accomplishments which we’d like to discuss below.

He screwed small banks
Late last year, when many large banks were insolvent and broken, Super Benny wielded his power and influence over congress (Joe pull down the wool) and served up a large dish of TARP salad (Joe next Food Network Star), with side dishes of PPIP and TALF from the Treasury (Joe “Bam! Kick it up a notch!”). The central banksters and clueless bureaucrats in Washington not only approved immediate TARP funds and monetary injection into large financial institutions, but also pledged to continue to infuse money should the need arise in the future. Even though the Fed and large banksters helped shape this economic crisis due to lax policies and excessive risk taking in the first place, they have been granted the safety net of taxpayer funds while the smaller institutions continue to struggle on their own. (Joe upside down roly-poly) Additionally, nervous depositors at small banks are pulling funds and fleeing to the safety of the too-big-to-fail empire. (Joe Titanic)

He screwed China
Each week the US Treasury auctions off new debt in the form of Treasury bonds and notes. As demand on the bonds increases, the yield, or interest rate decreases. (Joe Econ 101) Therefore, buyers want as little competition as possible to get the best rate. The Fed announced a plan in March to buy 300 billion of US treasuries in an effort to keep US interest rates low. (The housing mortgage rates closely follow the 10 year bond, for more on this China situation click here) This Fed purchase plan undoubtedly angered China, who is the largest foreign purchaser of US debt. In other words, with each dollar of debt the Federal Reserve purchases, the interest rates on Chinese investments drop. This situation of the Fed buying from the Treasury is similar to when Joe Shareholder asked his Mexican investor friend Jose to help bid up the price on the diamond ring he placed on eBay after JoAnn shot him down. (Joe false start)

He screwed the US Dollar….and Taxpayer…..and Saver
Ben’s plan to avoid another depression is to induce inflation to combat the dreaded economic forces of deflation, which he claims caused the Great Depression. (For reasons why click here) The best way to induce inflation is to crank up the printing press and dump it onto the economy - hence the nickname Helicopter Ben. (For his own words on the topic, click here). Since Ben took the reigns in 2006, the US dollar has slipped roughly 16% and 20% to the Japanese Yen and Euro respectively, with both trading near all-time lows. Inflation on the dollar is essentially a tax on anyone saving money. In Ben’s defense, however, he’s had plenty of dollar destruction help from politicians loading debt on the back of the fragile/exhausted US dollar. The Congressional Budget Office announced on Tuesday that the budget deficit earlier estimated at 7.1 trillion by 2019 has been raised to 9 trillion. Can the US dollar sustain such levels of debt or will it begin a free fall? (Joe Petty, brother of Tom) Will countries continue buying our debt even while it’s climbing to new highs daily? If there comes a time when debt investors decide it’s just too risky to hold US debt, there could be a massive sell off which could get quite scary. (Joe, “stay behind the yellow tape kids, nothing to see here. ”)

So the Fed and Super Benny have stabilized the large financial institutions…..but at what cost? Only time will tell (Joe crystal ball) whether the negative impact on these periphery entities will come back to haunt him (Joe October 31st…..2010, 2011, 2012???). Speaking of Halloween, Joe Shareholder likes this time of year because he offers JoAnn his protection from anything scary that might be lurking out there. JoAnn insists that nothing bad ever happens in Joetown, Ohio. This year, however, Joe can remind her that as long as Super Benny is in charge, plenty of scary things could happen.


  1. Good post Joe. I agree with Super Benny being a Super Killer for the saver. There's a funny relationship between the cost of money and the default of loans. Cheap money equals more defaults. Expensive money equals more solid investments. It's like a balance, the cheaper the money the greater risk people are willing to take with that money, resulting in more defaults. As money becomes more expensive the amount of risk people are willing to take decrease, resulting in more solid investments.
    I say increase the Fed rate and watch smart investments increase which will increase returns for savers. A solid economy must have a strong base of savers/investers. An increased Fed rate will also strengthen the dollar which we all desperately need. It's the only way to save the $$$. Super Benny is a flop but I believe Super Greenspan started the WHOLE mess by letting the rate get so low. He's to blame.

  2. Sorry Art, that last post was from me not Lindsay.

  3. Fed is in a pinch. Ben knows he has to raise the rate asap, and if he does this market will tank. I think he holds tight well through 2010.

    Just found your blog, looks great. Keep up the hard work!


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